Friday, July 13, 2007

Topless in Houston

Yup...that's right. This was definitely the week to go topless. Not me! (That's a scary thought!) No...I spent the week in Houston with Molly, and she spent the entire time topless. I fell in love with Molly about 7 years ago. Leo wasn't that excited about her at first, but after a few years, he changed his mind and fell in love with her as well. Now, we even occasionally fight over her. So who's Molly, you wonder? Molly is our 1995 Mazda Miata, one of the least expensive, and absolutely the most fun automobile we have ever owned. She's a teeny tiny convertible, and at twelve years of age, she's still a beauty.

This was a good week, a really good week. Not only did I have a really good time working on a group of spreadsheets for one of my customers, but I also got all my readings done, almost all of my homework done, and I even made progress on our new team technology, something that really looks promising. So, yesterday on my way home (after 4 nights in a noisy hotel, I was ready to get home) I decided to vary from my normal routine of listening to class readings on my iPod on the road and, believe it or not, I listened to music all the way home. I popped in an MP3 mix that covers quite a range of styles and listened to some of the following:

  • James Taylor (Sweet Baby James, Mexico, Autour du Rocher...)
  • Janis Ian (At Seventeen, The Roller Skate Song...)
  • Eagles (Seven Bridges Road [I LOVE that track!])
  • Jackson Browne (Loadout, Stay...)
  • Bonnie Raitt (Louise, Kisses Sweeter than Wine...)
  • Die Prinzen (Deutschland, Mein bester Freund...)
  • Ladysmith Black Mambo (Hello my Baby, Oh Happy Day, Amaphiko Okundiza...)
  • Rockabella (Sittin' on the Dock, Stand by Me, Lean on Me...)
  • And more, more, more.

One last thing...I got my first check from the company I was having a problem with. Yup. I now have money in the bank, and am actively working on getting out of a hole. Absolutely, this week was a very good week.

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