Saturday, December 01, 2007

Breathing Easier

I have had so many brief interactions over the past week with people who are so very encouraging, very supportive, and very understanding, that even though the madness continues, I am breathing so much easier.

First, although my heart knows that I am never alone in what I am going through, my mind sometimes doesn't believe it. Today, after so much encouragement from others, I am "getting" it. Others have gone through times like this, others have survived stresses like mine, and finally, when I step back and look at the REALLY BIG PICTURE, the truth is, I am doing fine.

I'm home (apartment) alone this morning, sitting in class. (We are on break now.) I've gotten back several grades that let me know I am doing fine. I got all my assignments in this week, and all on time. And best of all, I got a good night's sleep last night.

Leo, on the other hand, is at home today. Although he may be putting primer on my newly sheetrocked office, I'm guessing that he and Jess are working on things "around the house" today like tractor tire fixes, vehicle tweaks, and more. I hope they get some fishing in as well. I don't mind him being gone so much as I have a weekend plan that will keep me really busy. It's only when things slow down for a few minutes that I REALLY miss him. He should be back on Monday.

I've been able to touch base (briefly) with a few of my online friends this week. I had a blog comment from Heather in South Africa (thanks Heather!), had comments and short chat with my friend Azzy in Pakistan (always kind and supportive), touched base with my young friend in Nigeria, Alison, that I haven't talked to in a long time, and a short chat with my newest young friend Paul, from Nantong, China. Add to that all my chats with my MSSTC [school] friends and my ever supportive husband, and you can see why I'm recovering from my funk.

Anyway, class is about to start again, so I gotta go, but don't worry about me, folks. I'm doing just fine now.

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