Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In Touch with Old Friends

I "reached out and touched" a few friends from my past this week, and was richly rewarded with news from some of them. I talked to Diana and Fred who are out in California now while she works toward her PhD (2010 is when she is hoping to finish). I talked to Nancy who assured me she remembered me and mentioned a long-forgotten slumber party that made me smile. She gave me a clue for getting in touch with her sister Peggy who is out in California now with two kids and two puppies to keep her busy. Like me, she describes her life as "crazy". A part of me wishes I hadn't spoken up right now, with things so busy and my time so limited. I worry that I won't have time to follow up with them. Still, I smiled a lot this week, reminded of some good times from long ago and from very long ago. And I realized that everyone needs a little of that in their lives; everyone needs a memory or two to look back on and smile or laugh at. This week, I had my share of them. Yikes! It's nearly 10:00 and my homework pile is not getting any smaller. Good night all!

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