Friday, February 15, 2008

Home for a Visit...Yippee!

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For the first time since New Year's, I've come home for a quick visit. The day was quite overcast, but warm and comfortable. I missed most of the drive home (I take opportunities for getting some sleep any time they present themselves these days!) but knew we were almost home when I woke up to see a large flock of pelicans hovering over the causeway.

My next delight was in seeing that the two movies I've been wanting to see are both showing at the Twin Dolphins, our small town movie theater. Now if I can squeeze in enough time between my work and homework to slip out with my sweetie for a few hours...

Here at home it's quite breezy. The water looks so inviting and I want to walk down and sit on the pier for a while, but I'm guessing that looks are a bit misleading. I'm sure it's quite chilly on the water, and certainly not a good time for the lazy style of fishing that I love. So, a walk to the pier will have to wait as well.

My new team (classwork) and I meet quite regularly as we have a TON of homework to get done together. Part of it is a business simulation, a kind of online business "game" we play competing against all of our classmates. For this team, I am once again the Chief Operations Officer (obviously my favorite role). I'm having a blast going through the exercises, and am learning a lot from my very knowledgeable team mates. We also have a second exercise involving an in-depth study of doing business in China. Each team has a different country to profile. With all that is going on in China, unbelievable growth, exploding business opportunities, a few missteps along the way, we decided to focus in on a particular province, the area across the river from Hong Kong, which is called Shenzhen. In the last week alone I've read most of three books on doing business in China, and spend a lot of time researching the topic on the internet. I'm afraid I've become a little obsessed with the topic...but hey, what better way to learn something.

Oh, would you look at the time! Sorry, but once again I have to dash off and take care of some things. I have a team meeting in a couple of hours and I am NOT ready to present my section. So...back to work!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and to my Chinese friends, hope you had a Happy Spring Festival!!

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