Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Curious about "Twitter Ups"?

At the top right corner of my blog window, you should see a listing of something called "twitter ups". Twitter is a service (admittedly, used mostly by young'uns) that is the ultimate in connectivity. Why would someone like me use it? Well, probably for the same reason that I use Facebook, have tried out Second Life, and write a blog. I guess it's really because in my business, in my education, and even in the areas where my interests lie, the best way for me to know about tools being used to COMMUNICATE and INTERACT is to actually try them out. So...I now have a twitter account.

The way I use it, and will use it, is still in discovery mode. Twitter allows me to share something, and only a little something at that, about what's going on in my life at any time from any where. Generally, I twitter in from my cell phone. So far, I use it at those times when I'm thinking to myself, "I wish I could share this with someone". So, when we encountered the goats on the side of the road in a beautiful spot on a country drive, I couldn't help twittering the message. By the way...this blog is not the only place my twittered activities show up. Anyway, perhaps you understand a bit about twitters now.

"But why," you might ask. "I mean, really, why?"

Well, I am all about communication these days. Mostly, I think a lot about communication in the way that it affects business, education, and life in the world we live in. I am also thinking of pursuing PhD studies in the area of communication as it applies to the transfer of knowledge. My focus would be in the way that people on different levels in the workplace communicate effectively. My very specific focus would be on learning about, with the ultimate goal of improving, the way that blue collar workers with an abundance of tacit knowledge communicate with white collar workers in their codified knowledge environment. I've lived both of the lives, worked both of these environments, and highly value the kinds of knowledge found in both. I just sometimes wish that both groups were as highly valued by the other for their contributions to the knowledge pool as their own "kin" are.

So...one of the things I pursue in my life is communication. I find that I am a poor communicator in many environments, and do better in many others. For example, I am typically not very good in one-on-one encounters, and certainly not good at interfacing with people that I have little or no history with. Leo, on the other hand, is excellent in this role. Instead of focusing on what I'm not so good at (although I do consider it, a lot, when thinking and planning out strategies), I tend to gravitate toward the kinds of interactions that I am perfectly comfortable with. These include brief encounters of the digital type for which I am (typically) highly suited.

Ah well, enough of that. My whole intent here was to explain about twittering, and I seem to have gone off on a tangent once again. Gee, I'm such a "rambler". Now that my newly repaired tooth is beginning to throb a bit again, I'm headed off to a nice nap. And now, you all know that the silly little blurbs at the top of my page, which may or may not continue for very long or at very regular intervals, are a bit like (please pardon my French here) "brain farts"--those little random thoughts that occur at the oddest places and times that make me smile and think to myself, "Gee, I wish someone was here to share that with."

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