Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Home Town Tour

Last weekend, Leo and I took a drive around our home town and enjoyed, once again, the wonderful quaintness about small town life. The only problem with such diversions is they make it so very hard for me to go back to the big city. I love my job, love the people I work with, and love the challenges of database development. But I would be lying if I said I love Houston. It's a nice place to visit, I guess, but I don't like living there.

Anyway, how about a tour of my hometown?

Just out the drive is the little church we attend. Yes, it is a converted garage, thanks in a large part to my guys Leo and Jess. But it is just right for the small congregation that attends each Sunday morning. These days, Leo is ten times more faithful than I am. He makes jokes about keeping me out of the fire by attending for us both. Hopefully, when school is over, I'll get back into the routine of attending regularly. And yes, I know that it is not "fashionable" to attend church for the highly educated and scientific minded. Sorry if this startles anyone or shakes their view of me, but yes, I am really a believer. And this kind of church suits me perfectly. (Note: Our house is in the back right side of the photo. Click on any of the photos to see them larger.)

Here we go with a picture of the "county barn". I'll give you a minute to guess why, in this period of election hoopla, I would include a picture of the county barn. Any guesses? Ah yes. This is where I go to vote! The voting booths are cute little cardboard setups, and going to vote in a place like this makes me proud to be a citizen with such a privilege, although I'm not sure why.

Ever wonder why the place we live is called "Six Mile"? A click on this photo will let you read the whole story, but basically, it's because our location six miles north of town was, for early area settlers, six miles to fresh water. I told you our place is quaint.

Although I've only enjoyed this venue a couple of times each year over the last few, this is one of our very favorite spots in town. This is a photo of our famous Twin Dolphins Theater. It's a lovely theater, with two screens! The movies are always affordable, the theater rarely full, and we almost always bump into an old friend or two when we go. We especially love it when two movies are playing that we want to see and will sometimes watch them back-to-back. Generally, a trip to the movies includes popcorn and diet cokes, followed by a meal out in town (Mexican food...always Mexican food!) I LOVE movie dates!

Not something that is generally enjoyed by the locals, I am including a photo of our lighthouse nonetheless as it is a bit of a local landmark. If any of you have ever driven south along our stretch of Highway 35, I'm sure you've seen our little lighthouse just after crossing the causeway between Point Comfort and Port Lavaca. Not much to look at, I admit, but every town needs something, and for us, this is it.

I'm hitting a sleepy spot now, and have a long day tomorrow, so I'll have to finish the tour in another posting. Don't won't be long.

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