Friday, April 25, 2008

Ten Things

I think I should start posting my list of Ten Things to do before graduation, and Ten Things to do after. If I don't post them now, graduation will come and go! Still, I've only been fleshing out a few ideas in my mind, so I'm thinking the list won't be complete after one way at all.

UPDATE: Added a new list that is specific to my computing and completed all three lists. Still, now that I've started, I seem to be on a roll with my listing. I keep thinking of things to add. So, again, don't be surprised if you notice the list change over the next day or two.

10 Things to Do Before Graduation

  1. Pick up my class ring in Austin--DONE!
  2. Finish Rhonda's OIMS audit project
  3. Finish Javier's PM database project
  4. Make sure I have contact info for all my classmates--DONE!
  5. Post ice skating pix of my nephew and sis
  6. Buy 2 pairs of new shoes--DONE!
  7. Buy 2 new business wear outfits (if you know me, then you know I'm a jeans girl so this is a REALLY big item!)
  8. Buy nails (since I can't seem to grow them)--DONE!
  9. Cut and color so I'll look presentable
  10. Visit each of my daughters

10 Things to Do After Graduation

  1. Spend one whole day cleaning my apartment
  2. Movie marathon with my sweetie
  3. Take the grandkids fishing
  4. Visit my mom
  5. Start writing my book (nothing exciting...a book on Excel)
  6. Read 10 mysteries, spy novels, or even sappy romances...ANYTHING but business books!
    1. Hornet Flight by Ken Follett (excellent diversion!)
    2. St. Peter's Fair by Ellis Peters (16th century crime solving monk stories)
    3. Hooked by Matt Richtel (wickedly addictive!)
    4. The Company by Robert Littell (long, detailed novel of the CIA...really good)
    5. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield (complex mystery involving recluses, twins, and ghosts)
    6. No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith (unusual, insightful story of a Botswana woman determined to follow her dream of running the first female-owned detective agency in the country)
    7. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini(profound story of friendship, secrets, and betrayal, a story almost too sad to listen to, but one that also cannot be ignored; I'll have to switch to something lighthearted for my next book!)
  7. Create 3 paneled 24"x48" images to hang near my entry at the P.L. house
  8. Lose 50 pounds (could stand to lose 100, but know that 50 is doable)
  9. Complete my application process to Texas Tech (PhD program)
  10. Put together a team to discuss software creation business plan

Ten Things to Do With My Computer After Graduation

  1. Clean out my email inbox
  2. Finish my Creative Suite (Photoshop) training series
  3. Build a custom iGoogle theme
  4. Transfer one of my databases (Training Tracker?) to a VB application
  5. Watch 50 of my favorite podcasts (TWIT, Mr. Excel, Dog & Pony, etc.)
  6. Get active in Pownce
  7. Start working on my [inactive] Wordpress blog
  8. Design a new webpage
  9. Document all my database designs and details
  10. Design a webpage to support my new [Excel] book
  11. [Oops!] Buy a DivX Connected device and set up my home system to use it

P.S. Don't be surprised if you see the lists change as I think of more important items that move up to the Top Ten ranking.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I object to #5 on 10 things to do before graduation! :-} sis