Sunday, July 20, 2008

Short Weekend

Friday found me working at the URC campus on Buffalo Speedway. My part was secondary, or perhaps "tertiary" as there were three of us working, but still a contribution. However, the day had started off all wrong with my sister involved in a little freeway incident that threw us off our schedule. (She's fine, by the way, although the flat tire and minor damage to her car after hitting a large trailer ramp that was dropped on the freeway in front of her will put her car in the shop for a few days.) With all of that inconvenience to deal with, we were forced to meet again this morning to finish up. Hopefully, this little project is complete.

With not enough free time to make it worth a drive home this weekend, Leo and I enjoyed a movie together on Saturday morning. We saw the much raved about Batman flick, The Dark Knight. Gee I hate to go against the experts, but I was not that impressed. (SPOILER ALERT...DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE!) When Batman runs from the police at the end of the movie, taking responsibility for a crime he did not commit so that the citizens of Gotham would not know that their latest fallen hero had been responsible, the audience erupted into applause. I guess I was the only one that had a problem with this. [Sigh.] Perhaps I'm just getting old. We also see Alfred burning the letter from Batman's love telling him that she loved someone else. I suppose Alfred was thinking that the truth no longer mattered by this point so burning the letter that she asked him to deliver was no big deal. Finally, I found I kept looking for the face of a man who could take his own life (Heath Ledger) behind the makeup of the movie's antagonist. I have to admit I was a bit depressed by the whole thing.

After the movie, Leo headed home to Port Lavaca for a few days while I hung out at the apartment for the afternoon. Up at 5am, and at work by 6:30, when we finished up our project at 9:30 I took a little side trip to the bookstore. I purchased three books to go with the two audiobooks and one Kindle book that I haven't read yet, so I'm pretty well set up for the next month or so. For those that don't remember, "Kindle" is the cool little electronic reading device that I carry around. It is where I hold everything from my Wall Street Journals, to novels, to business books, to my Bible, all in one convenient and purse-sized device. Can you tell? I really LOVE my Kindle.

Here are the books that are now on my reading list:

Looks like I have a busy month ahead!

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