Sunday, August 31, 2008


Last night Leo and I decided to defy the critics and go see a movie called "Babylon A.D." I mean, how bad could it be? We had been surprised at how much we enjoyed the last few Van Diesel flicks, and we both enjoy a good action movie, so we gave it a shot. Um, we made a mistake. It was pretty horrible. Oh and learn.

Today we were bad children and skipped out of church. Funny thing, Leo almost always goes whether I can or not. It's right next door and he just loves our little congregation. But I'm not so good with people (although I'm a whiz at online encounters!) so I rarely go without him. It's a funny situation, but one we've resolved ourselves to. We even talked about it on the way to town for lunch today. Put me in a room of 500 people and ask me to talk about my work, and I have no problem. But put me at a party of 10, and I worry that someone is going to speak to me. I'm a bit (okay, I'm a LOT) insecure in personal situations. Leo, on the other hand, looks for people to talk to, to interact with, everywhere he goes. We even laughed about how he looks for me to take the lead in professional situations and I look for him to do so in personal ones. He called us "complete opposites", but I think it's more like "complete complements".

Hey...just got a phone call from Leo telling me the boys (Leo and Jess) are going fishing! So...I gotta go now. I'll finish this up later tonight, okay? Yeah...thanks!

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