Saturday, August 30, 2008


Reading back over my blogs, I realize I've ignored this for a while now...I'm so sorry. Things have been crazy-hectic for a bit now, but I'm about to get a little breather, although it's one that I am NOT looking forward to. Leo leaves the country in 9 days.

I have been looking forward to this all along. It means a little padding in the "kitty", means that if I want to take a day or two off from work I can, and means that maybe, just maybe, we have a shot at getting the house finished in 2009 and can [FINALLY] start inviting you folks over for a visit (whoever you are :-).

But the cost! The cost is HUGE! Leo and I have been very comfortable for the past 6 years being a bit more "independent" than many other couples. We have two homes. He's in charge at the big house, and I'm in charge at the apartment. When we need "space", he comes up with chores he needs to do at home, and I come up with work that has to get done in Houston. But always, within a day or two, we shorten our schedules and one or the other of us finds our way to the other "home". I think we once spent 10 days apart when Leo went to New Mexico with Jess and Grace, but that nearly killed us.

When Leo leaves, he'll be gone for 30 DAYS. Other people do this--military people, other expats, etc.--so we know we will be able to get by just like they do. But I'm guessing that those other people don't like it any more than we do.

So, we're both working hard to get our emotions in check. I'm angry that the company can't find a position for me there as well. I know I could help them out A LOT, but I'm not getting anywhere with it. Leo's emotions are swinging a bit too. We went to watch our nephew play ball last night--he's a senior at Danbury (Go Panthers) and they played a game in Louise, so we went. Leo was sitting near my brother-in-law, and I was sitting with "the girls". At halftime, Leo headed over for something to eat, then stayed on the other side, standing near the fence, for the 3rd quarter. When he finally wandered back over, he stayed near the fence watching the game from our side. That's just a bit unlike him to do the "loner" thing (much more typical for me). After the game, although he seemed alright, he was a bit quiet and I didn't push it. This morning, after he had his regular morning visit with Jess and Grace, he told me he realized why he was so moody last night. He does not want to go without me. Ah...that explains everything.

Still, there are the brighter sides too. On the drive home on Thursday evening, I was going on and on about wanting Leo to call me from London, to call me from Lagos, and to call me from Escravos on the day he leaves. Then I switched into a rendition of how we will need to set up a regular time each day to do our Skpe chats (online video chat). Next I had a speech prepared about finding out which direction the phone rates were better and using that strategy for our phone calls each time. Leo finally had to say, "STOP!!" Oh...I was getting carried away again, wasn't I. You know, I never was one of those moms who insisted the girls call home from summer camp every morning and every night, knowing that the whole experience was going to be "good for them" and that they would call if they needed me. So why have I turned into the crazy camp mom with Leo? I suppose it just goes to show how insecure I am these days. That old fart and I have become quite the comfortable pair!!

You'll see me "tear up" now again here, but hopefully, you'll also get to share in our grand adventure as I'm hoping to keep everyone informed of the goings on at both ends of the pond. So, stay tuned! And for you older folks (like me :-) "Don't touch that dial!"

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