Tuesday, September 09, 2008

3am (9am) Call to Leo at Heathrow

Leo assured me that although the British Airways staff, and the food, was really good, the seating was not exactly as pictured. He is one of those that ALWAYS requests a window seat, but his new "Lesson Learned" is that the aisle seat is so much better--you don't have to climb over someone every time you have to go to the bathroom!

He also said that Heathrow is definitely the hub of the world with travelers coming from and going to every part of the world. But the Brits seem to take their cardio seriously as the only way to get around almost everywhere, even if you are lugging 40lbs of computer, books, and emergency supplies, is to walk. Up stairs, down stairs, long distances, inside, outside, LOTS of walking.

He sounds good, says "hi" to all, and assures me that he's fine. Can't seem to figure out how to call me, and is not very good at texting, so he just sends me the latest text that he has on his phone (no matter what it says :-) and I know to call him. Whatever works, right?

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