Thursday, September 11, 2008

Before the Storm

The good news for me is that every time the storm path is updated, it moves further and further away from me. The bad news is that it moves toward the areas of Galveston and Houston, and passes directly over my sis' home in Danbury. I continue to believe that I'm not going to get the worst of the storm here.

Although I've begun to see some white caps, and the water level is above normal, nothing very out-of-the-ordinary is happening yet. I'll be safe here until morning, no doubt, but have no clue what I will do at that time. I'll be sure and continue to update as long as I can, but even if I lose electricity, you should be able to watch the "twitter" window at the right and find out what's going on with me as I can use it as long as there is cell phone service.

Video taken from my back porch, Thursday, 4:45pm.

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