Thursday, September 11, 2008

Starting My Run

I've grabbed a few things and am about ready to start heading south, but thought I'd post an update here for the family:

  • Rob, Donna and the girls beat the rush and are already at Mom's house. Sounds like a party atmosphere there, so I'm considering that for my tomorrow run.
  • Ginger and the boys are in Freer. They may have to head another direction tomorrow, but will be in a much better position to move from there than from Houston. Wade is staying home, I think.
  • Rachael and her family are hunkering down at her dad's house. There are several families meeting there and they have a good back-up plan so I'm not worried about her.
  • Michelle and Chuck are hunkering down as well. The story (involving her mom and the dog) is funny, but too long to share here. We're hoping for the best for ALL of them.
  • Jess and Grace left this morning for New Mexico. I'm assuming they got out okay since they were leaving early. I'll check in with them later today.
  • Rebecca and Shannon are north of Austin in an area affectionately known by the locals as "tornado alley". Good thing they have a tornado shelter in the back yard as the storm could easily do damage that far north.
  • Leo is in Nigeria, so he's well out of the path. If he's affected by the storm then we'll all be goners!!! I can imagine he thinks we are all overreacting here. :-)
  • That leaves Me. I'm heading south now, but don't know if I can get through. My plan is to cross the storm's path to get on the good side of it, then make a decision about whether to run or stay from Port Lavaca after I hear updates in the morning. The run will be MUCH easier from there, and with more options than there would be from here.'s not much, I know, but I wanted to post something before I head out. Good luck to EVERYONE!

P.S. I've had TONS of offers of shelter from everyone. Thanks so much for that! It's nice to feel loved!

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