Friday, September 12, 2008

Guns, Locks, Visitors and Storms

The front bushes were FULL of butterflies, moths, bees, and other lovely insects when I took this yesterday.

I rested very well last night, although I was late going to sleep. However, for the first time in a long time (perhaps the first time every) I locked all the doors before going to bed. Oh, I also made sure the pistol is next to the bed. I hate thinking about using such a thing on another human, but man, do I love my house. I'm also wondering if high water won't bring more snakes and other critters my direction and I want to be able to fend them off.

Please Ike...don't take the pier!

I walked down to the pier at about 9am. The water there is as high as I've ever seen it. Although the pier was designed, built and is used most often by Jessie, the first section with the bench was completed near Mother's Day, so I always brag that it was my Mother's Day present. Anyway, I would really, really hate to lose the pier.

While I was at the pier, someone drove up to the house. They were in a suburban and I didn't recognize the vehicle, but I'm not very observant about such things. I was deciding whether to be nervous about it, especially thinking I'm one of the few people still here in a 1-2 mile radius, but whoever it was rolled down the window and waved at me, so I'm assuming it was a neighbor. I headed back up the hill, but they were gone when I got back. Guess I'll never know.

View back up to the house from the end of the pier.

I'm still getting suggestions to leave the area, but I just can't see why. We are NOT going to get the worst of the storm, and to tell you the truth, leaving means spending money that I'd rather not spend. Leo won't be paid for more than a month, and I've been struggling along lately, having to pay Uncle Sam and some others that took more than their share of what I make. So, unless something changes in a really drastic way, I just don't see a reason to leave.

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