Friday, September 12, 2008

Quick Update

I just got a phone call from Michelle to tell me that she, Melissa, mom, etc. are headed out now. They're headed to Dallas for the weekend. Since they live in LaPorte, an area sure to receive heavy damage, I'm so relieved to find they were able to get out of town.

As for me...I'm doing the famous "shelter-in-place" thing. My only worry was about having enough food to last the weekend, but a peek into Jessie's pantry a few minutes ago told me I have absolutely nothing to worry about! Lot's of wonderful canned goodies!

I thought I should get out and take a short drive to see how things are holding up. The boat ramp and park are totally inaccessible now, but there is no water over the Six Mile road. The wind is out of the north, or north northeast, which is a really good thing for us. As the storm tries to push the water into the bay, the wind is fighting to push it right back out again. I've been watching the birds all day for signs of flight from the area, but other than a few shore birds enjoying the high water levels, I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. I've only seen a couple of the big brown pelicans come through, but they were just fishing in the higher-than-normal waters, not fleeing the storm.

I really thought I was the only one left even in the extended neighborhood (past Park Road), but my short drive let me know there are still others here as well. Jess called to tell me where my old shotgun and shells are, so I'll be sleeping with it by the bed tonight. It's been a long time since I've fired it, but I won't have any trouble with it, I'm absolutely sure.

If I lose electricity (I shouldn't!) you'll know it since the postings will stop coming. But until then, I'll try to post frequently so everyone can stay in touch through the storm. Time now for a few phone calls and a news update. Be back soon.

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