Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Small Update

Leo had time to send me a very short post today, but no phone calls or any other communication. It's okay though. I would have wished for more, but I totally understand. Most often it's me that gets so crazy-busy I don't have time for even quick phone calls with him, so turn about is definitely fair play!

Even though I don't have Leo's permission, I'm going to do something different here. I'm going to paste the contents of Leo's message to me for you all to read. There are a few reasons for this. Some of you exchange emails with Leo on a regular basis, so you know about his unique writing style. I couldn't "fake" an email from Leo if my life depended on it, even after all these years, because the style is so unique. He thinks it is a little "rough" when compared to the way I put words on paper, but to me, his unique writing style is something to be admired and enjoyed. So without further adieu, a letter from Leo to me:


Hello "Guera", [this translates roughly to "white girl" or "fair one" and is his typical endearment for me]

Well I'm at my desk and it's a "wild" place. I met the gentleman that you did the Logo for and he was VERY complimentary about your work :) I also met a Mr. Joon Eeo(w/HHI) on the bus on the flight that brought me in this a.m. and HE too had heard your name from Tim and it's over in the HHI community:) I just got done talking to Tim and meeting some different (good) folks on this project and the project is about 40% done. The place will be broken down into (5) precommission'n areas and Vendor Support is what I'll be involved with. I got the whirlwind tour from Tim (he's leaving in 15 min's for Houston)....but....I met with another Scottish gentleman who will take me under his wing and I'm supposed to help him tomorrow.

I'm so jet-lagged it ain't funny. I've been to more security offices get'n ID pic's done that it's not even funny. Very high security inside the compound and it's very safe. Okay, going to a meeting right now to meet some more folks.

Sorry about leaving Bro & You with "Ike"...but...hopefully that rascal won't come anywhere's close to our little bit of Heaven.

Love U,
Me :)

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