Saturday, September 06, 2008


Okay. I was just starting to feel sorry for Leo having to travel 9 hours at night, sit in a yucky old airport for 5 hours, then hop on another long flight. I was almost there. Then I signed on to British Airways to check out the flight amenities. No more feeling sorry for Leo!!

This looks to me like an in-flight hotel room! What was I thinking? I moved from this to a review of the Executive Lounge that he will be "resting" in at Heathrow (London) and finally had to give up. With sleeping areas, spas, massage therapy, meals, and laptop hookups available, what else could he need?

In all fairness, I'm guessing that SOMETHING is going to go wrong, and there will be SOMETHING that doesn't work quite right for him. Perhaps the remote on the 200+ channel video unit will be broken and he will have to actually stand up to change the channel. Perhaps his fully reclining bed will be a bit lumpy. Perhaps the privacy screen that blocks him off from his next-door-neighbor won't function at all. Who knows what could go wrong?

Feel free to check out any of these links if you too want to feel sorry for Leo on his long trip on Monday/Tuesday:

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