Friday, September 05, 2008


Cried for the first time today. Not a big cry, just a little tearing up, but anyone that knows me should know I'm generally not a crier, so it was a little out of character.

Honestly though, we are still both quite excited. Leo's packed his suitcase several times now, weighing it each time to make sure we don't have to pay for excessive baggage. I actually got some work in this week, and some of it was much needed and long overdue. Also, I found that while I was digging into a database problem, I wasn't thinking about Leo being gone. So I'm feeling like my strategy of working hard while he's gone is going to pay off and keep me out of the "blues".

I am such a crazy workaholic, although I really don't know why. I prefer it when things are slightly on the rushed side, but only when my work seems to be making a difference somewhere. The things I've done that were not widely adopted were only satisfying when there was some kind of personal challenge in them. Otherwise, that kind of work, "busy work", has absolutely no value for me no matter how much I'm getting paid.

Today is beautiful here on the water. While the redfish are plentiful right now, so are the shrimp, so talking those guys into taking our bait is a bit of a tricky thing. Still, if we have any luck at all when we go down to the pier later today, you can bet I'll be posting an update here!

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