Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Dang. I'm at work now, but not on the clock since I can't seem to get my mind on this work. I'm tired, I'm grumpy, and I want to go home. However, I have a meeting at 2:15 and another at 3:00, so I guess I'll hang out here and try to make the best of it.

I snapped at Leo last night when trying to show him something on the computer and he snapped back at me, so we both went to bed angry. First thing this morning, he apologized and got us back on track, but this one really was my fault. (I'll have to remember to tell him later.) I guess I'm just in a "snippy" mood all the way around. Now before you guys (especially) start making jokes about "women my age" I'm going to defend myself and say it's stress. My husband is leaving town in 6 days and I'm going to be here all alone. I mean, I have friends and I have family, but Leo is it...he's the one...he's the main thing that keeps me going. So pardon me while I'm feeling a bit abandoned and snip and snap at everyone around me. I'll be okay once he's gone and I begin planning for him to come back.

Gustav was another "miss" for us here on the coast. I am ABSOLUTELY not complaining. As I told one of my Portuguese friends this morning, summer storm watching is part of our life here on the coast, and hurricane watches are a big part of it. We did get a nice little shower yesterday afternoon, and the winds are a bit brisk today, but otherwise, no effects at all. (Yippee!)

I'm still doing a bit of work for the Nigerian project, on the side, which keeps me engaged in what's going on there. I've also started some work on a new joint-venture in Papua New Guinea. I'm hoping that one grows into something that I can be a part of (in a bigger way) too. But right now, I'm still tied down to the income and tasks that keep me stuck here in Houston, so perhaps that's another explanation for my mood. My getting-away-from-it-all husband is getting to do the thing I wanted to do--get out of Dodge. Talk to you soon.

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