Wednesday, December 03, 2008

BPV is Back...ARGGGHH!

I'm so excited that Leo will be home in little more than 24 hours! What I'm NOT excited about is that a mild case of my BPV returned in the night. Yuk! For those who don't know, BPV is Benign Positional Vertigo and is a lot more annoying than it is painful or dangerous. My first bout with it some 4 or 5 years ago was really bad. I experienced nausea, nystagmus (a weird sensation that Leo likes to call "evil eyes"), and it lasted more than 2 weeks. Since then, the bouts have been much less severe, lasting only a few days, and not accompanied by the "strange" symptoms.

In my case, when it flares up it generally means that when I lay down wrong (usually with my right ear on the pillow), things begin to spin. This often happens in my sleep and is a very rude awakening! When I am standing, a swift turn of my head can set it off, but I generally move a lot more carefully and have learned to minimize this. And in general, I just feel a little "off" for a few days. Then...magically [or sometimes after a lot of silly head exercises] it goes away and stays away for another year or so. Not really a big deal anymore, but still quite ANNOYING!

The good news is that I am at home in Port Lavaca today. Crazy spinning symptoms are a lot more easily managed at home than when I am on the road. I'm home today because (note: I have kept this a secret from Leo, but since he does not have internet access...again...there is no problem here) I am expecting delivery of our new wood floors! Yippee! On the down side, our contractors did not make NEARLY the progress I was expecting, so we are still WEEKS away from being ready to start laying floors. is VERY EXCITING.

Work is crazy-busy for me right now, just like I expected. I have a TON of projects needing my attention in various stages of completion. I'll try to list some of them here to give you an idea:

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) tool - 4 to 8 hours more
  • Brookhollow Preventive Maintenance (PM) database rollover - 16 to 24 hours more
  • Friendswood PM database rollover - 6 to 8 hours more
  • URC PM database rollover - 24 to 48 hours more
  • Interim Data Warehouse (IDW) database rollover - >40 hours more
  • URC Campus Improvement documentation - 40 hours more
  • GREF Measures spreadsheet updates - 36 to 48 hours more

If you are keeping up with the hours you can see that I've run out of time since all but two of these (IDW and GREF Measures) need to be finished by the end of the year. The two outstanding items need to be finished by January 15. Hmm...looks like my plans to spend most of December with Leo have been derailed a bit. Oh well. C'est la vie!

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