Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finished Pouting...Moving On

In case you are wondering why I've been "silent" on the blog for a while I will admit now that it is [mainly] because I've been POUTING. My beloved iPhone was stolen from me while attending a conference in Houston. Man, I really LOVED that thing! While I was not that surprised when Leo's phone was stolen from him in the wilds of Nigeria (yes, I know that is a remark dripping with prejudice and American ignorance), I just could not believe mine was taken on an evening when we were in a "controlled" environment, celebrating the holidays, and enjoying watching the snowfall outside the window. I mean, it was a perfect Christmas time outing and it was spoiled by the fact that someone wanted to take something of mine for their very own.

And here's the oddest thing of all...the value of the phone to the thief is less than $200, while the impact to me is well over $500. You see, if you buy a new phone at ATT it costs $199. To activate all the fancy features on it costs $20/month. But to replace a stolen one is impossible...ATT is not at all interested in helping with that. They will not sell me a $199 phone, they will not sell me an "unsubsidized" phone ($599) to replace it. I can start all over, I think, by canceling my old contract ($175) and starting all over with a new iPhone ($199) but am not quite ready for that yet. So you see, the value to the thief was very little compared to the cost to me. THAT'S the part that angers me most.

But, I'm over it now. It's done. It's over. I'm ready to move on. Perhaps I'll have another phone of some kind activated by next week and will once again be "available" by phone. Off the record, however, I'm actually enjoying the phone-free world for these few interim weeks. :-)

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