Thursday, December 04, 2008

Home Safe and Sound

Yes, Leo made it home safe and sound and I couldn't be happier! I have 3 days off with him before I go back to work, but I'm guessing we're just going to lounge around a bit and relax. If it's not too windy out, we might even get a chance to put a couple of lines in the water and try for some delicious trout or flounder.

While he was gone, I ordered some materials for a friend of his who pastors a large congregation there in Nigeria. In return for my helping out, I got a very nice "package" as a gift. I am absolutely thrilled to get a traditional African dress! I couldn't wait to try it on! I fear that the gift far outweighed the favor, but I love it so much, there is just no way I'm going to turn a gift like this down. Leo got a beautiful outfit as well and tried it on. We were both so very pleased. Hopefully I'll get a photo of the two of us together posted soon. Until then, hope you enjoy this one of me. Headed to bed now, but will sleep peacefully and have sweet dreams I know!

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