Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Grandchild on the Way!!!

Yup...big announcement, right? Rachael (our youngest) and Lee have four lovely, lively children now. At 8, Madison is a real sweetie and often runs herd over the others. Red-headed Mason is 5, a sweet-natured boy and tons of fun to be around. Kaya is 4, stepdaughter to Rachael but definitely part of the family. She is petite and sweet and we adore her as well. Zoe is the newest at 8 months. She'll only be 16 months old when she has to make way for the new baby, but I'm sure they'll handle it all just fine.

The family held off making the announcement until they got settled into their new place--they didn't want everyone to worry. You see, they lost their home in the hurricane, and have been living in a travel trailer in her dad's yard ever since. Last week they got moved into a very nice brand new 5-bedroom/3-bath double-wide, and the kids are just going crazy over all the room. So, new home, new baby, new adventures ahead for the entire family.

Madison is going to take a little trip soon and go live with her Aunt Becca and Uncle Shannon for the rest of the school year. She views it as a big adventure, Rebecca and Shannon are so looking forward to it all, and it will give Rachael and Lee a bit of a break as they get through the next few months and all the changes that are in store.

Everyone is healthy and happy, and life is good for our clan. Can't wait to see what other excitement occurs in 2009!


  1. Desiree11:23 PM

    Congratulations on the upcoming addition!

    Okay, here's my new blog spot

    Hope your weekend has been good.

  2. Great start on your blog, Desiree. I will continue to watch it closely. I am REALLY hoping to see some of your beautiful artwork posted on occasion as well.