Friday, January 02, 2009

Leo Keeping in Touch

Every day between 1¹and 12pm, I watch my mailbox closely. That's usually when Leo gets a minute free and drops me a line. I sometimes find out about the weather, sometimes about the work progress, and occasionally about some mischief that he's been involved in. But I ALWAYS find out how much he misses me and how he longs to be home again. So, I stay up a little late and wait on his message. It's important to me.

Posted by ShoZu


  1. Desiree8:45 AM

    Glad to hear Leo is doing well and staying ornery. Sounds like you have some goals that you are focused on, that'll keep ya busy and make the time seem to go quicker.
    Can you tell me how to operate Twitter so that I can post long blogs like yours? Por Favor?

  2. Hey Desiree!

    This blog is a free service available to anyone and is quite cool. If you want to start blogging, this is definitely one good place to start. Just go to and follow the instructions. It's not so hard once you get going.

    The "TwitterUps" section over on the right side of the page is just a feed from my regular twitter postings. It was made available as a "widget" from blogger, and seems to work fine.

    If you do decide to start a blog, drop me a line once you have it set up and I'll post a link to it here. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Desiree10:32 PM

    Well, I thought I had started it. When I try to write anything it only allows like 160 letters or something silly like that. I'm a little slow with this stuff, I suppose. But I really like yours!