Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Fun Weekend

As a follow-up to my last posting I DID find my wallet after all. It was quite embarrassing (in the bottom of a garbage bag full of trash) but thankfully I found it after taking time to think about where I had it last. Took me a full 15 minutes of going through my activities before I got the idea on where it might be and tracked it down. Whew!

This weekend has been quite fun with daughter Rebecca and granddaughter Madison here since Friday night. We worked on web pages and other work-related activities, watched some "family friendly" movies (I'd forgotten how much fun that can be!), popped popcorn, sang silly songs and danced around, and in general had a productive but FUN weekend together. And the fact that Leo is coming home in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS has me absolutely giddy with excitement. So, thanks for the kind thoughts for everyone who knew what a poopy time I had just a week ago, but things are MUCH BETTER now!

Sheesh...are my mood swings indicative of something more sinister, like maybe old age creeping up on me? :-)

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