Monday, March 09, 2009

I Want a Do-Over!!!

I had a rough week last week, what with opening an office, buying a new computer, getting things set up and more. That was followed by a really great weekend (except for the sore-throat-keeping-me-up thing) with my daughter Rebecca and granddaughter Madison spending most of it with me. Then came today. Some days should allow is one of those days.

Although I planned to go in early and get a big start on the week's activities, it was 3am before I was able to get to sleep. Oh well. When I got up at 9am, I was able to get some things accomplished for school (PhD application process) but not much else. About noon I decided to run to town and take care of three little items: 1) get a bite to eat, 2) mail some forms to Texas Tech, and 3) fax four transcript requests to different colleges. So, I packed up my goodies and out the door I went. Here's where it all starts.

I notice that the truck looks a little crooked sitting in the driveway. A walk around to the other side lets me see that I have a flat tire on the front driver's side...really flat. Fine. Whatever. I'll deal with it later. I take everything out of the truck and put it in "little green", Leo's old ('95) Nissan Sentra. I needed to drive it anyway, right? As I go puttering into town I try for one of the Mexican food restaurants I like. Oh yeah. Most of them shut down on Mondays. Fine. I'll just go to one that I'm not sure about. The meal is actually pretty good. As I get ready to leave, a search through my purse reveals that I do not have my wallet. I remember looking at it right before I left, so I'm sure it's laying out somewhere on my desk, or perhaps it's in the truck. Great. I make a deal with the waitress to leave my baby laptop while I run home for my wallet.

When I get home, a search of both the truck and my desk reveal nothing. No wallet. Drat. I decide to go borrowing at Jess' house, and he loans me $20 to take care of my stuff until I find my wallet. As I'm driving back to town wondering what else can go wrong, I look at the sticker on the car. You guessed expired in January. So, I decided to take the back roads. Back at the restaurant I pay my $10 meal tab and retrieve my laptop. The post office is on the way, so that should be my next stop.

As I walk into the post office, I don't even get to the door before my left shoe (don't worry; it's only a flip-flop) falls apart. Great. I go into the post office barefoot. I buy my envelope, mail my letters, and decide the faxes will have to wait...I can't take any chances. So, back home I go.

When I get there Jess is checking out my flat tire. He figures out that the plug from my last "fix" has sunk into the tire and is the cause of the trouble. He wants to know if I want to air it up and drive it to town to get it fixed. Hmm...still no wallet. No, I tell him, I'm thinking I need to drive the Miata for a few days anyway. After a little discussion we head in to the garage look at the inspection sticker on the Miata. You guessed expired in AUGUST of 2008! Great.

So, Jess is in town trying to get my tire fixed while I'm here at the house turning things upside down trying to find my wallet ( can stop laughing now!!) I have the BIGGEST urge to crawl back into bed for the rest of the day! I swear...I was using my wallet only a couple of hours ago. Where could it be? I want a whole day do-over!!!

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  1. Updates:

    Jess took the tire to Walmart and got it fixed for me. (He's the BEST!)

    I went on a mental walk to try and discover where my wallet was. Finally, it came to me. I had carried a small trash can out to the truck and put some items in it to make them easy to carry. When I got to the truck, I took the items out [well...MOST of them] and started putting trash in the can. When I thought it through, I just knew I was going to find my wallet at the bottom of the trash. Viola. There it was!