Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

I just got another phone call from Leo. That makes 3 already this rotation. This might be a record month for communication. He is also getting my emails, but can only sign on every few days or so. He sends me short messages as well. All of this while he is EXTREMELY busy means [to me, at least] that he is getting antsy to come home. What a shame. With 24 days left, he has a LONG way to go. It was nice to hear his voice though.

I keep thinking about how things will be next year when Leo is done with all of this traveling. My neighbor Judy Bush brought me a salad from her garden on Saturday (which was VERY sweet of her). I thought it was a nice gesture but didn't dwell on it much until I opened the lid. Wow! I could smell those wonderful onions and almost taste the lettuce before taking the first bite. I had forgotten what it was like to eat a salad with FLAVOR. Well, that experience has me hoping that Leo and Jess follow up on earlier discussions and plant a nice garden next year. I can't wait! I'm hoping for some chickens too providing fresh eggs daily, but that might be too much change to expect in a single year.

I've made all my travel plans for my trip to D.C. I leave on May 4th and come back on the 6th. It's a really quick trip. I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished while I'm there, however. My project needs the buy-in from the folks in Fairfax and I think the best way to get it is to get them involved now. Long trip for 2 days worth of work, but I'm betting it will be worth it.

Jess finished the gazebo and is getting ready to leave for New Mexico again. The only thing left to do is paint it, but that will definitely wait. It looks FABULOUS and I can't wait to begin spending some time there. I'm thinking that by late summer the gazebo might be a favorite spot for the grandkids to hang out (or camp out). Can't wait to see if that turns out to be true.

Oh well. Need to finish the laundry now so I can get packed for a couple of days back in Houston. Just thought I'd take a few minutes to post some random thoughts.

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