Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weather, Work and Emergencies

For the first time in many years, Michelle drove down to our place for a visit. What fun we had! Rebecca and Madison showed up as well since Madison's Saturday morning ballgame was rained out. I was able to get some work done while the family visited, but not as much as I hoped since the weather caused us to lose our internet connection. Hopefully, we'll get back on track tomorrow.

Leo leaves on Monday, so I am starting to be just a bit moody. This is definitely typical behavior for me, and we've both come to expect it. I have weeks worth of work, on a variety of projects, lined up and waiting for me. So after he's gone, there won't be much time for moping or crying. Still, we have gotten to the point where we understand, expect, and accept the emotions that go along with his imminent departure. And although we are thrilled to be employed, we are definitely looking forward to Leo's work coming to an end in November.

There was one damper on the weekend when Rachael called to say that she was headed to the emergency room with Zoe. It seems our littlest granddaughter has some kind of an abscess on her leg. After spending much of Friday in the emergency room, the family arrived back at home sometime after midnight. However, it was clear by Saturday morning that things were not improving. Zoe is in Texas Children's Hospital now waiting to see if the latest round of antibiotics are going to work to bring her fever down and stop the spread of the infection in her leg. We are counting on her quick recovery, but worry about the strain (financial, emotional, work interruptions, etc.) that the situation is putting on the family. I'll be sure to post an update as soon as I have one.

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