Monday, June 15, 2009

Boarding His Flight Now

Leo's just getting ready to board his flight to Frankfurt. I'm sure going to miss him. However, we really had a WONDERFUL time together this set off. Not only were we able to attend 9 of the nephew's final baseball games, we were also there in Austin when the Danbury Panthers won their first ever 2A Texas State Champion title! (Note: This was their first time to advance past the regional level!) Leo was thrilled to be a part of it all. As he boards his plane today, he is still nursing a bit of leftover hoarseness from his game day enthusiasm (yelling). The last phone call he made was to my sis to thank her for getting the team members to autograph a baseball for him. It will definitely be a prominent fixture in his newly completed "man cave" back in Port Lavaca.

In other news...

...Rebecca is moving into her new apartment today, 1.2 miles away from our Houston office, and I am saying "goodbye" to those high priced Houston hotels. Her couch is VERY comfortable and the pool is right outside her patio door. We have a LOT of project work to get caught up on later this week, but today she has the day off as she settles in to her new digs.

...Leo and I were able to see three movies during his stay here in the states and we loved all three. The fist was "Wolverine" and was actually my pick as I am a big sci-fi fan. The second was "Star Trek" and was a surprisingly good flick. The third we saw in Port Lavaca on Saturday, "Angels and Demons". Again, ignoring the hoopla over the religious conflicts in the storyline, we really enjoyed the mystery and excitement of the story. This month's movie selections were definitely three thumbs up.

...I got word yesterday that some meetings have tentatively been set up in Papua New Guinea at the end of July so I am preparing a lot of materials, in both hardcopy and software versions, to help us present our business case to our contacts there. You will definitely hear more about this if/as it develops further.

...Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of our little church, Six Mile Baptist, and we enjoyed a wonderful celebration and dinner on the grounds with an attendance of somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 people. (Note: Last week's regular attendance was a bit low with only 10 of us there to give you an idea of the size of the congregation.) We really had a lovely time together and I was thrilled Leo was able to be a part of it all.

...Now for some baseball details. Our oldest nephew, Colton, generally starts at left field but also plays right field depending on who is pitching. He played well during all of the last 9 games and we were thrilled to watch him be a part of winning the State Championship in his final year of high school. Next year his brother Tyler begins high school and Leo is already trying to figure out how to attend more high school sporting events. The State Championship news coverage was pretty good considering the small size of the town of Danbury (1,600 people).

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