Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hangin' Out in Austin

In spite of the incredibly beautiful storm backlighting the view of the University of Texas Tower outside our window, we are having a blast tonight in Austin. The Danbury Panthers, including my awesome nephew Colton, beat the Ponder Eagles today to advance one more level in the playoffs. Tomorrow at noon they will compete against the team from Holliday for the Texas Class 2A Baseball Championship title. We are so excited.

Rebecca and I drove from Port Lavaca to Houston this morning so I could attend a meeting. After a 2-hour meeting, we turned and headed to Austin. We arrived just after the start of the game and thoroughly enjoyed the game. After the game, we checked into the AT&T Conference Center (hotels in town were booked because of a biker rally) and are enjoying the way cool amenities that the hotel/conference center has to offer. Mexican food at a nice little restaurant a couple of blocks away, a nice shower and chillin' out at the room, and we are really looking forward to tomorrow's game.

Go Panthers!

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