Monday, July 06, 2009

Jess in Recovery

Just got finished with a visit with the Doctor that worked on Jess. Other than the fact that we are running WAY behind schedule, everything went fine. The doctor took a look at the year-old scan and found that the aneurism WAS there then as well. This is good news as it means that this is not a fast-growing item, but something that's been hanging around for a bit.

The Dr. said Jess did well, that he was sedated but awake during the procedure, and that they did not find anything unexpected during the look-see. Jess is in recovery now, and they will let me in to see him in an hour. After that, we just have to hang around a while and make sure he's fine before they will let us go home at about 8pm.

That is going to put us home late tonight, but that's no problem from our end. I did email Rebecca and ask her to contact our neighbor Judy Bush to go and check on Grace. We definitely did not expect to be getting home so late tonight. Anyway, as far as I can tell all of the news is good news!

I'll post another update when I have one to share.

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