Friday, August 14, 2009

8pm Visit

I was worried about disturbing Jess when I went in at 8pm, but shouldn't have. We had a really nice visit. Lester came up as well, and by the time we left at a little after 9 Jess was definitely ready for some sleep. But he was his old self, joking and laughing, snoozing a bit here and there, and doing his best to make me smile. He has a bit of a "crick" in his neck and that seemed to be bothering him more than all the other pains put together. The nurse was surprised that the morphine didn't help and tried something else a little later (sorry...I'm not very good with the names of medicines). Still, he was in good spirits, looked well, and spoke clearly and coherently the whole time I was there.

I'm not going to get to see him tomorrow. I have to make a run down to Port Lavaca, then head to my sister's to take care of some computer problems. But I should be back at the hospital on Sunday morning and I'm hoping he'll be out of ICU then. I'll try to post another update then for those of you following the Jessie saga. :-)

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