Friday, August 28, 2009

The Trouble With Blogs

The real trouble with blogs is that when you get too busy to write, by the time you're ready to get started again, you have no idea where to begin! Remember, click on the images to see them in all their glory.

- My newest granddaughter arrived on the scene 3 weeks ago. She's as beautiful as the others, but sister Zoe is under the impression that the baby is her personal property.

- Brother-in-law Jess survived his surgery passing with flying colors. However, it was very invasive and took a lot out of him. Still, he is slowing regaining his strength and has only a few days before the staples are removed.

- My car was broken into and radio taken out of the dash. Thankfully, they didn't tear up the rag top or do too much damage. Still, it's annoying and irritating and definitely reinforces my determination to get out of Houston. (I am really a country girl in every way!)

- School starts on Monday when I join an online class (11 of us) of students from around the country. Silly me...I am SO excited!

- Leo comes home in less than 2 weeks and we have plans to spend some real, quality time at the hacienda. I will be taking off from work for a bit, and we have plans to get some fishing in, watch some h.s. football, visit some friends and family and just hang out together. Yippee!

- Work on my kitchen commences and we deal with this last big push to get the house finished. We have a big party planned for November, and I am wanting to be able to use my kitchen to handle the event. Here's to hoping we meet our deadline and have a really great time!

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