Friday, September 04, 2009

Another Trip

Rebecca (my daughter and office manager for my company) got our reservations all set today for our next trip. She and I are headed to Australia, by way of Hawaii and Guam. We'll spend 1-1/2 days there together, then I will board a flight for Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Rebecca is going to hang out in Cairnes, Australia while I go on for a week's worth of business dealings. When finished, I'll head back to Cairnes for a couple of days, then we'll head back home.

I'd like to say this is going to be a big, fun vacation, but it's not. I'll be buried in business dealings from the moment I arrive in Australia until we leave. That's not to say we aren't looking forward to the trip, because we are. Here are the itinerary details:

09:35 Sun Oct 4. IAH to GUM. Arrive 17:55 Mon, Oct 5. 1 stop in HNL.
18:40 Mon Oct 5. GUM to CNS. Arrive 23:10 Mon, Oct 5.
06:30 Wed Oct 7. CNS to POM. Arrive 08:40 Wed Oct 7.
15:40 Sun, Oct 11. POM to CNS. Arrive 17:50 Sun, Oct 11.
00:10 Tue, Oct 13. CNS to GUM. Arrive 04:35 Tue, Oct 13.
06:30 Tue, Oct 13. GUM to IAH. Arrive 08:05 Tue, Oct 13.

Total travel miles for Rebecca: 9,547.
Total travel miles for Bea: 12,950.

Oh, you can definitely count on us posting some photos when we get back. Wish us luck, in both our business dealings and our "fun times". Wish you could all go with us!

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