Friday, September 11, 2009

Lots Going On

Leo made it home just fine yesterday, and I was DELIGHTED to see him. We have a LOT of things planned for this "set off". On Monday, Leo and I are headed to Victoria to sign the contract to finish the work on the house. We are so EXCITED! It has been a long time.

The first thing that will get done is the kitchen cabinets will be ordered. The man who designed our kitchen layout came up with a solution for the "problem corner" that I just wouldn't have thought of. The solution looks really nice (at least on paper). The cabinets are cherry, have a very simple layout, and are going to be finished in a very dark (almost black) stain. You'd have to see our kitchen area to know that this will look just fine since our kitchen is very open, and since most of the cabinets are lower cabinets and won't be seen. Oh, wait...I have drawings. Here, let me show you. (Remember to click for a larger view of the images.)

This first drawing shows how my "problem corner" is going to look. When I was playing with the idea, I thought we were going to have to choose one of the walls to put the appliances on. Our designer used a cut-back version of the cabinets in the corner, however, which gave us just the room we needed to be able to use both walls. The opening to the right of the refrigerator is the hall leading to the garage. The opening to the left of the ovens is the large (7') opening between the kitchen and our offices. The ovens shown are a microwave mounted over a convection oven. The refrigerator on the right will have french doors on top and a freezer drawer on the bottom (no need for an icemaker here as we have one in the garage). I can't wait!

This is the view of the rest of the kitchen from the vantage point of standing in front of the appliance corner and looking out. The little circles at the top are the openings for pendant lights that will hang down over the bar. In the background, that side of the house is covered in windows so the view that we'll have while hanging out in the kitchen is going to be awesome. The center of the island is going to have a smooth cooktop with a downdraft vent. To the left of that will be the sink, and to the right, on the "L" part of the bar, I'm going to have my dishwasher. I'm quite proud of the one we have picked out as it has 2 drawers instead of the hinge door opening. The drawers allow for us to wash just a few dishes (1 drawer) or a full load (both drawers) as needed.

This is the view of the kitchen from the living room, from standing by the windows and looking back across the living room. You can see that a couple of cabinets will be turned toward the living room giving us a place to put some items to display in. This also provides extra support for the corners of the bar. My goal here is to have a long bar with plenty of room for grandkids, guests, or whoever to hang out while we are in the kitchen. I am very pleased with the design and have high hopes that the final product will be beautiful. You can be sure we'll follow up with photos when we're done!

Finally, here are a list of my appliance choices, and links to photos of them, just in case you are interested. So...wish us luck as we dive in to one more little project.

convection oven
dish drawers

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