Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Furniture, New Loft

In this final "push" to complete the house, the ladder to the loft has been installed and the wood flooring in the loft will go in this week. Last weekend, we purchased two new pieces of furniture in the worst way possible...on a whim. I worried about the purchase immediately, worried that we'd made a bit mistake, until they arrived and I got to see them on Wednesday evening when I got home.

They were perfect! Well, almost. The furniture selection is perfect, but one of the pieces has a problem that we are hoping will get fixed this week. The first purchase was a kitchen table. It's not anything fancy, but is just the right addition for the area. We had a counter height table that was serving us well enough, but sitting on bar stools for a long period of time was just not very comfortable. The chairs at this table are.

The other piece we bought was a double recliner for the tv room. We had a small sofa in the room that was comfortable, but it is really a piece that belongs with the living room furniture. We were hoping to bring that piece back into the main area to provide more seating there. There is a slight problem to the new piece, however, in that one side of the recliner is not functioning. Hopefully, we'll have it repaired or replaced early in the week.

Pictures, you say? You're hoping for some pictures? Not so fast. I think I'll wait until the loft is complete before posting photos of the entire finished product. So...give me a week and you can expect the updated photos, the final product, posted here.

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