Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

I promised "honey" I would get back in the blogging mode, and here it is four days into the new year without a post. Yikes! Not a good start. Gosh it was hard to come back to Houston! I was home, in Port Lavaca, for a whole week over the holidays. I spent a LOT of time watching TV, trying out some new Photoshop projects, surfing the web, and "chilling". I also spent a good bit of time with my husband, which worked out fine. I know we have quite the unusual relationship. Even though we are married, and have been for more than 16 years, we are currently in a long-distance relationship. We talk to each other almost every day, and see each other almost every week, but rarely spend more than 2 days in a row together. We've had this arrangement for years now. While it seems "odd" to outsiders, it seems to work okay for us. Some people wonder if we choose this lifestyle in order to have some freedom from each other. Truth is, our choice is purely financial. Leo makes a decent living in Point Comfort, and I make a decent living in Houston. If either one of us moved the other direction, our income would be cut in half. So, we live apart, and deal with it. We have learned a few survival techniques, however, that really help us out. First of all, the things that we know the other one does not like to do, we take care of when we are apart. For example, during the week, I spend as much as 16 hours a day in front of a computer screen. If I were at home every day, this might cause a problem for us. But because of our living arrangement, this takes nothing away from our marriage. When I come home on the weekends, especially if Leo is "off", we spend the entire weekend trying to do things that we like to do together. So weekends at home are almost ALWAYS a ton of fun for us both. So while the living arrangement is not perfect, it is something we have learned to deal with. There are things about the city that I love, and I get plenty of time to enjoy it. But BOTH of us agree that our place is together, and our choice of "home" is Port Lavaca. Even though this may continue for a few years more, our ultimate goal is to spend a lot more time together, living in the same house, and enjoying each other's company daily. Give us time...we'll get there!

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