Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to School

School starts again today. I have two classes to attend tonight...Human Resources in Technology starts at 4:00 and Finite Mathematics with Applications starts at 5:00. Oh, there's also no break between the classes and the trip from the first to the second class takes 6.5 minutes [yes, I timed it...twice]. I got online at the end of last week and added one more class to my roster. I'm taking a total of 18 hours worth of work. What was I thinking? Somebody needs to look into having my mental health examined! I'm an old lady with a full-time job and a less-than-perfect living arrangement. I have no clue what possessed me to think that I needed to go to school full-time on top of all that. Oh well. I kissed my children, grandchildren, and husband goodbye over the weekend and promised I would see them again in May. [Of course, there's a small chance I might get to see them over Spring Break.] And it's not like this is just one last big push so I can get finished...I still have two semesters to go when this one is complete! So, send your best wishes my direction, and be patient if I don't answer your email right away. I am learning to get by on 4 hours' sleep a night [gee...if I could just learn to get by on less food, I'd REALLY be in an improvement cycle!] and looking forward to the summer.

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