Wednesday, January 18, 2006

College...What a CRAZY Life

Well, the first week seems to be going okay, but I am still a bit overwhelmed. I have several instructors that treat us like babies..."If you miss a day, you get a 'zero'". "If you are late to class, the door will be locked, so don't try to come in." "If you have a testing conflict, get it resolved...we do NOT make exceptions." [Oh great--I have TWO instructors with this attitude that have scheduled tests for the SAME TIME!] Yikes! Then I go to the next class and the professor says, "I don't really care whether you come to class or not. Just get the assignments done, take the tests, and take what you get for a grade." Two of my "online" classes consist of reading, watching videos, and taking 2 or 3 tests--that's it. The third one requires that we access our WebCT accounts three times a week, turn in reports every Tuesday, post discussions every Thursday, and take a test every other week. What have I gotten myself into? I'm actually in one class with less than 50 I'm also in one class with over 200 students. The instructor assures us he has no idea who we all are and does not feel the need to find out. He says he won't know whether we attend or not, but since he gives a "popper" with questions at the beginning and questions at the end of class EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY night--no makeups allowed--he feels sure we will all be in attendance at every session. I jokingly explained to someone today that I got my husband and daughters together this weekend, took them out to eat, kissed them soundly, and said, "I'll see you in May." While it got a lot of laughs, the truth in it is almost not funny. Ah well...this worn out student is headed to bed now. I've resolved the problem with my CougarNet password, gotten past the problem with my WebCT login, had no trouble at all with my VNetID, and am waiting for the IT group to mail me my SkillPort password. In other words, I've accessed almost everything I need to access at least one time, and have created a spreadsheet to make sure I continue to access it all before deadlines are reached. I LOVE COLLEGE! It's definitely the CRAZY life. How's work, you ask? Oh...that's for another day.

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