Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fever Broke--Back to the Grindstone

Although I'd like to lay about another day for a full recovery, I just can't. Too many things on my "to-do" list have me up at this ungodly hour getting ready to make that 1 mile drive to work. I know that Leo would come and baby me if I wanted him to--foot massages, telling jokes, warming my soup, and the like--but I'll not bother him for support this time. Just knowing that he would if I wanted him to is enough. I'm looking forward to the first two meetings today since they are the kickoff meetings for the CIP moves coming up. This is a big project that removes people from their office space to a "camp" space (yeah...that's a blatant attempt to make it sound like fun) for a period of two weeks, then back into their upgraded (painted, new carpet, new lighting) space. Some of the tenants haven't been out of their space in an incredibly long time, so packing up for a total move is a HUGE feat. It's necessary, though; no way around it. It's also a very good thing. Upgraded office spaces will give the site such a boost in energy and morale, as well as giving this aging building a really good chance to resist degradation. So...a quick shower, the packing up of all my electronic toys, and ready for the first move meetings. Yippee!

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