Saturday, May 06, 2006

From South Padre Island

Yes, that's right, I'm back. Let's's been 5 months since you heard from me, but I'm still here. Tonight Leo and I are in a stinky hotel (Howard Johnsons, $120 per night) on South Padre Island, and having a great time. We just got back from the movies where we saw MI3, which was really good. Even though I'm not technically out of school for another week, things are winding down just a bit for me. This week I worked nearly 80 hours between Sunday and Thursday. One night I got 9 hours of sleep, but three nights I got less than 4. So you can see my crazy schedule has not improved any, in spite of my best efforts. As a consultant, I have to work when the work comes my way. Those impossible deadlines are ALWAYS possible if I am able to convince my brain it has to be done. This week's drop-dead project was a very complicated set of interconnected spreadsheets. I sometimes get a little crazy with Access coding, but in Excel, I have some strategies that make the errors jump out at me, so I can go for longer periods with my brain embedded in the program before I have to come "out". (Some of you are clueless what this experience is, this disappearing into the code for extremely long stretches of time, but I'm guessing others out there know exactly what I mean.) Anyway, I have a couple of little "tweaks" to finalize on the spreadsheets, but the bulk of the package is complete, and I'm a happy camper. So, that brings me to this smelly hotel room in South Padre. We are here for a wedding between two people we've never met (sounds crazy to me, but it's Leo's family so it's his decision). I've got two more exams to take this week, so I'm buried in the books in my spare time, but hey, we did actually make it to a movie tonight, so we are technically describing this weekend as a "vacation". Leo's in the shower now, and as soon as I finish this section on "Concerns of Management in Implementing an Employee Benefits Program", I'm headed to bed. I just wanted folks to know I'm still alive, even though I'm in a crazy spot in my life. If I can just survive the next two weeks, I'll be good for another semester at really. Otherwise, you'll be able to visit me anytime at the state mental hospital in Rusk (although Kerville might be a better location) where I'll be working on my detailed collection of crayon shaded leaves. Note: That's the project I've picked to work on when I go crazy. So...goodnight folks!

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