Sunday, May 07, 2006

6 Hours on the Road

The wedding was a beautiful affair and came off without a hitch. The ceremony was in a little chapel on the beach. From there, we moved to a restaurant on the bay for a delicious meal. The bride, groom, and wedding party sat at a table with a picture-perfect sunset in the background. The event finished up at a ballroom in the Sheraton where the music was good, company was fabulous, and bride and groom obviously had a lot of love and support from family and friends. This morning we are working our way back to the real world. It will be a 4 hour drive back to Port Lavaca, the unpack/repack event that is always a blast, then another 2 hours on the road to get back to Houston. I'm not sure where I'll stay tonight, although it will probably be at my mother's. This week, it is back to the nose-to-the-grindstone thing with a couple of major events to interrupt the flow. I have a final exam on Tuesday at 5:00, have to rush over to Reliant Stadium for my youngest's graduation at 7:00 (more on that later!), then my final final exam on Thursday night. After that, I get a break of 3 weeks before classes begin all over again. Whew! Lots of fun, lots of games, lots of sleepless nights, and lots of satisfaction in a life lived at the full-speed-ahead level.

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