Monday, May 08, 2006

House Photos

Photo: 05-07-06
Several folks have asked about progress on the house, so I thought I'd toss in a couple of photos. If you look closely, you can see newspaper over some of the windows and scaffolding in the living room. The taping and floating of this room is a bit of an undertaking and is taking some time. Photo: 05-07-06
It may be another year before we begin working on the back yard, but we've got a lot to work with, so I'm sure it will be fine to wait. Bar-b-que pits, dining/seating, and a hot tub have made the list, but I haven't talked Leo into the pool quite yet. Like I said before...there's still plenty of time. Photo: 04-06-06
The next three photos are more than a month old, but taping a floating is a tedious process, so not a lot has changed. You can see from this photo that we have a great view of the bay. The area on the upper right is the "loft" where we are hoping the grandkids want to spend time. Below it is the kitchen/dining area. The floorplan is very open. This photo is looking back toward the Master Bedroom (the framed opening in the background will have a set of double-doors). The front door is the small door to the left of Leo. I am getting VERY impatient for this room to be finished, but am minimizing the effect by staying busy at work. [Note: We ALL worry that I will not want to go to work once the house is complete!] The Master Bedroom walls are completely finished. The double doors still need to be installed (in the framed opening in the photo), but the rest of the room is compelete. I really like the texture effect on the walls (it's subtle) and the unusual ceiling angles. I can't wait to move into this room!

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