Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rachael Graduates!

While I am unbelievably proud of all my girls, last night was definitely Rachael's Night. Rachael graduated last night from the University of Houston Clear Lake with a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies. It has been a long and difficult struggle, and we are so proud of her accomplishment. The commencement service was long, with little over 1,000 students graduating. It was the first time we had been in Reliant Stadium (yes, believe it or not!) but it was hard to be impressed as we were all about our girl. Rachael spotted us right away, and we were able to communicate a bit with silly gestures, pointing, and broad smiles. My favorite part was when we let Rae know her babies were there. We pointed to the left and tried to signal "2" as they were sitting two sections to the left of us. When she spotted them, her face lit up into a beautiful smile! Rebecca had to leave with the kids before they could see Rachael, but I got to visit with them for a few minutes. They were so thrilled to have seen Mommy on the "big tv screens". I don't know what Rachael has planned next. She would like to wait a bit before starting law school because of the expense, and because she has missed the babies. But she may be starting on her Master's in the fall if things work out for her. So, either way, I'm sure she's not finished with this. But whatever her choice, we'll support her in it. We are so incredibly proud of her and what she has accomplished. What a thrill for this momma to see her baby walk across that stage. And yes, in case you're wondering, I did cry.

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