Sunday, August 13, 2006

Straight "A" Semester!

It was a long and difficult summer, but I'm pleased to report I finished with a perfect report card. The classes I took this summer were:
TELS 4372: Proposal and Project Writing
Technical writing focusing on research and project proposals. Required for TELS seniors as preparation for the senior project.
TELS 3365: Team Leadership
Roles, processes, and strategies for team leadership. Creation of collaborative climates for team performance, team member development, leading successful team meetings, and strategies for dealing with global and virtual teams.
TMTH 3360: Applied Technical Statistics
Collection, analysis, presentation, interpretation of numerical data; probability, sampling, quality control with special emphasis on application.
Right now I'm in my two-week break period. You would think that would be what I would do--take a break--but I've been putting in some incredibly long hours at work in an effort to get ahead of the game, and I've been hitting the books already, trying to get a feel for the work coming up in the fall semester. I have one really big problem, however, in that I am not expecting to get paid until AFTER the deadline for my tuition has passed. I've spent a lot of sleepless nights, and have plans to make the rounds at some local banks this week, but I'm really worried. It's just that now that I have gotten so far along with my game plan, I do NOT want to hit a snag. So...wish me luck!

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