Sunday, March 18, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

Although I can't afford to take a day off (I'm working on a long-overdue website that is difficult to develop content for), at least I can enjoy it while I work. Today is a bit overcast, but still lovely. The birds are hard a work over the water, which makes me wonder if the fishing is good. Jesse's feeder is entertaining a lot of the land-bound birds today, wrens and cardinals, grackles and bobwhites, and the ever-chattering mockingbirds. Although I can't see them from where I work, I can hear them singing and know they are busy over there. I received more of my UT paperwork yesterday. I'm expected to pay a deposit of $1,000 before class starts on April 11, another deposit of $18,500 for the Summer semester in June, then two more deposits of $18,500 for the Fall and Spring semesters. Leo tells me not to worry...we'll work something out. He says that something would have gone wrong long before now if this was not supposed to be. In his opinion, we haven't gotten this far for nothing. So, I guess I'll have to trust that he and the man upstairs are working together on this. Well...I guess I need to get back to my webpage now. Some people might think that working from a location that can be so distracting would be, well, distracting. Funny thing is, I find that I can work faster, get in [to the computer coding] deeper, and do better work when I am relaxed, comfortable, and happy. Go figure.

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