Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Short Week, Short Weekend, Short Temper

I think I owe my dear hubby an apology. I think I was short-tempered with him this weekend. With school activities so demanding at the moment, I get very wrapped up in my own little world. It's just that everything that I am doing is SO IMPORTANT to the exclusion of all else. Ha! This is just not true, and not fair. What I'm doing is cool and wow, but it is not sliced bread, and is not the answer to everything. So, I'm trying here to apologize to mi amor. But also, I'm trying to get some balance in my life. I want to have fun, I want to do cool things, but I also want to sit down on occasion and enjoy the wonderful life I have with my man at Six Mile, Texas. Life is good...I just need to stop running and notice it now and then.


  1. Bea, I'm impressed. :-) You still find time for a blog. Very well! I don't write on my daughter's blog since March but I think that I'll start writting again after reading your last posts. :-)
    BTW, your house and the lake look fantastic. Congratulations.

    Pedro from Portugal

  2. Hey Pedro...glad you popped in to say "hello". Looking forward to seeing you next week, and am REALLY hoping to get a chance to come see you in Portugal before the semester's out.