Friday, June 08, 2007

One Night in My Own Bed

We just returned from Austin a few hours ago, tired and ragged, but excited about making some team progress. I got to sleep in my own bed on Tuesday, and will get to again tonight. What a WONDERFUL feeling! Tomorrow, sis and I are being treated to a [belated] Mother's Day get-away by my girls. Rebecca, Rachael, Ginger and I will spend a few hours tomorrow being pampered in a spa in Houston. I'm looking forward to a nice massage and facial, but more than that, am looking forward to spending the day with "just us girls" doing something we've NEVER done before. While I plan on putting in some long hours at work between Sunday and Tuesday, the big events of the week will occur next weekend when our final Accounting project (take-home test with restrictions), our KTTA map, and our two Quicklooks (15 pages of in-depth research each) are due. So, tomorrow night I will sleep at my sister's or in a hotel in north Houston, Sunday and Monday nights will definitely be spent at the hotel, Tuesday night I'll get to sleep a few hours in my own bed before spending Wednesday and Thursday nights in a hotel in Austin, Friday night at a friend's house there, and Saturday night back home once again. (I hope you got all that, because there is no way I can repeat it!) Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know I'm okay, although stretched to my limits once again. I feel like I'm on that last roller coaster plunge before the final stop, but the problem is, the plunge lasts a whole year. Oh well...what is it I keep telling myself? "I can survive anything for a year."

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