Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday's Wildlife

With a long day ahead, I woke up early on Saturday morning to check my email and look at my homework. Just outside of my window, three does were grazing contentedly. They did not see me, I'm guessing, because of a glare on the windows, so I was able to watch them for nearly an hour while I worked. How peaceful is that!

Later, when I got on the road, I encountered my next wildlife near Palacios when I had to swerve to avoid an alligator in the road. He was much smaller (3' maybe?) than the last one (>6') which I encountered on the way to work a few years back. But, this one was still alive!

Finally, when I reached my destination in Houston, I encountered some of the most unusual wildlife. For a belated Mother's Day present, my girls arranged for themselves and my sister and I to spend a few hours at a day spa in Houston called "Fiori". Okay...even though I am not often impressed by the wealthy and their lifestyles, even I have to admit that it was REALLY nice. Oh yeah...I'm supposed to be talking about the "wildlife"...well, picture this. [And remember, I'm just a country girl!]

Picture a Tuscan villa with lots of wood, tile and stucco, large wooden doors, and gauzy curtained areas. After arriving, in almost every area of the building you encounter men and women walking around in matching brown terry robes and plastic sandals drinking from the ever-present jugs and pitchers of cucumber water or flavored teas. Because you are pretty much "in the buff" in your own robe, you quickly realize that everyone else you see is also naked with just a robe on as well, a thought which places me squarely outside my comfort zone. In each of the client areas, where you receive your "treatment", dimly lit rooms with what is supposed to be "soothing" music piped in (rather loudly, in my opinion) can be found. [Note: After I left, I was frantically searching for some Eric Clapton to listen to on the way home to clear my mind!] Although I am not so uncultured as to NEVER having a massage before, I have to admit that laying naked on a heated bed while some stranger attempts to drive the demons out of all but a few of your substantial (remember...I'm a big lady!) body parts, is still a little bit like living on the wild side. I had a wonderful time with "the girls", and will certainly go again if ever invited by such a fun crowd, but realize that this kind of lifestyle is really a bit too wild for me. Later, reading over some of the offerings in the brochure, I silently thank my girls for not going for some of the more exotic treatments, like the "Massaggio A Quattro Mani" (Four Hands Massage), the "Soin Velours" (Vichy Body Polish using Refurbishing Algo or Citro-Essence) which describes how "following the exfoliation, your new contours will be treated to a marvelous body massage with a rebirthing silky blend of botanical lotion and oils", or the "Arancio e del Canella" (Citrus, Mandarin & Cinnamon Body Wrap) which sounds to me like a good thing to try out on my yeast bread recipe at home.

So much for my walk on the wild side! Still, a fun time was had by all!

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