Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Date with My Guy

I haven't seen him all week long, but it's been a good thing for both of us. I've been getting a lot of work done, and so has he. But there comes a time when enough is enough. So...I skyped my sweetie this afternoon and arranged a meeting somewhere in the middle. He'll leave home about 16:30 and I'll leave here about 17:15. That should put us both in Angleton in time to eat supper together.

I've picked up a number of jobs this week, and all with tight deadlines.

  1. First is a database that splits up duties for individual auditors (auditing a system for complying with safety, regulatory, and organizational requirements) then puts the individual inputs back together again at the end of the activity. This is an old database that I developed a few years ago, but one that is badly in need of an update.
  2. Next is a set of interfaces for another existing database that provides for the tracking and organizing of feedback on contractor job performance at the end of a job. The ability to do this was built into the database from the beginning, but never really utilized. Now, the organization is wanting to get it up and working smoothly so they can use it to build a better contract workforce.
  3. Also, a new project that might be really big involves modifying my Project Management database to allow for tie-ins to real-time actual expenditures (as opposed to just planning figures and user based follow-ups), for a centralized data location, and for some advanced reporting (to upper management as well as to Project Managers) options. This is a big one, but sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Then there's my homework. Last night I spent 4+ hours reviewing Session 3 of a class I'm having trouble with. Session 3 I was right on target with, and made 100 on my homework for that class. Still, reviewing the session was very helpful in getting me to firm up details in my mind. Session 4 is the one I've been working on today. I'm 95 minutes into the 240 minute class, and it is going a bit slower. I do not have trouble with the tools for this class (generally an Excel add-in called "Decision Tree") but I do have a bit of trouble getting the facts of the cases organized in my mind correctly. Remember all those word problems we used to do in Jr. High? Well, this is word problems on steroids. Yikes! Anyway, once I get through this session review, I have one more 4 hour session to muddle through, detail by detail, in order to get ready for our next activity. If I don't figure this out, I'm worried that I will take a really big hit on my grade, so please, wish me luck.

But in a few hours, I am headed out on a date with my guy, and am really looking forward to it. Our crazy life requires us to be apart sometimes, but no one said I have to like it. I used to think that May (graduation) would bring an end to the craziness, but I've realized that might not be on target. Leo and I have a LOT of decisions on our minds right now, so this is a difficult time for us to be apart. But...there are so many reasons we have to do just that. You know, I thought that once the girls were all out on their own and leading their own lives, that things would settle down and be, you know, boring. Boy, was I wrong.

Oh well...back to the grindstone for a few hours, then out to eat with my sweetie. I'll try to touch base with you again soon.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Hello Bea,

    This is to wish you good luck with you school.
    Remember this. "Come as far as you can, God will come the rest of the way."
    With love to you and 'sweetie"


  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    It seems to bwe working now!


  3. Azzy! I'm glad the commenting is working again (although I don't know which of the changes I made is responsible). Glad to know you are still out there visiting my blog on occasion!